13 sept. 2015

See you soon

My dearest students, 

As you may know I left school. I just wanted to say goodbye to you and let you know that I learned lots during these years I've been your teacher because, somehow, you were also a teacher to me. I keep every moment with me, cause they were priceless. Hope you have a wonderful school year full of hapiness and joy (remember to study, though! :) )

Thank you for these years, you will always be in my heart. See you soon angels, 


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Mireia dijo...

Dear teacher Vanessa,
thank you for these years. I loved all your classes a lot. Although I'm in 1st of ESO and I wouldn't have classes with you I miss you a lot. You are the funniest teacher ever and I learnt to love English with you.
Good luck in your new adventure!
Love Mireia Basagaña.

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